I’m working on a short series, within Sales Sunday.

Every Sunday for the next 4 weeks, you’ll get 1 step breaking down how the following was achieved in 2022:

  • ​249 positive cold email responses in 30 days​ for 1 campaign
  • 17 meetings with CTO of Series-A funded startups in 90 days
  • New app users at $0.38 Cost per User Acquisition
  • Booked 50+ Conversations during SXSW​
  • 17 meetings with companies that raised $500M+ collectively

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I’d love to hear what questions you have. I’ve made some guesses, click on whichever ones you have:

I hate cold email. Is there a way to do it better?

What’s the most successful lead generation strategies you’ve seen?

What’s the most effective way to build hyper-targeted relationships?

The podcast space feels crowded; is there still value in doing a podcast?

What are the best software tools for streamlining lead gen?

If you have any others, just hit reply.