This is Part 1/4 of a short series, detailing the strategies we use to drive relationships with customers for clients.

Thank you for the feedback on what to cover in this series; the main 3 requests were emails on:

  • Building hyper-targeted relationships
  • How to make cold email better
  • Successful lead generation strategies

Today, we’re covering the value of trust + hyper-targeted relationships. Next week, I’ll share how to.

A Story of $16,000 wasted

I hosted a webinar in Feb 2022, and a few hours later received an email from a CEO asking about services.

We hopped on the phone, and had a conversation. He was a super impressive entrepreneur, bootstrapping a business from $0 to multi-7-figures in 2 years.

All from referrals.

But he wanted faster growth.

He had tried “lead gen” before, spending $16,000+ with a VC-backed “lead gen” company, and got 0 meetings.

$16,000 spend ROI = $0

And the reason is simple. Most Lead Gen today is one thing and one thing only:


It’s emailing 100s or 1000s of people, asking for 15 mins of their time. Come on. Who is really going to hire anyone for a $50,000 – $200,000 contract based on an email sequence?

The Lead Gen industry (at it’s current state) is just spam at scale, because there’s no effort to build trust and a relationship, which is exactly what you need to sell those high-ticket ($20,000+) contracts.

A Story of Almost Going Broke

In 2020, when we started Fireshow Media, I was broke as hell until Q4.

It almost broke me.

I spent days and night anxious about where the revenue would come from.

That’s when I went hard with outreach to the relationships I had, and made some money. But I focused more on relationship building in my target market, and maintaining those relationships.

I didn’t know at that time, but it would change the business.

In 2021, 37% of Fireshow Media’s revenue came from getting from 1 relationship, resulting in 2 contracts.

In 2022 so far, 60% of Fireshow Media’s revenue so far has come from 1 relationship, resulting in 3 contracts.

Think about the biggest deals you’ve closed.

How many of those came from people your company made an effort to build relationships with?

How many touches did you have to have with a Decision-Maker before that entered into a sales conversation?

How much trust did you have to build with that Decision-Maker before a contract was even discussed?

Relationships with your ideal customers = 💰💰

Let’s say you see the light.

Let’s say you and I are on the same page about the value of relationships and trust.

What’s next?

How do you build them?

Well, we’re going to be using the exact same channel lead gen uses, but we’re going to flip the script.

Instead of using cold email asking for people’s time so that we can sell something, we’re going to use cold email to give people what they want so that they are open to meeting with us.

That’s the game = Using cold email to give your ideal customers what they want, so that you have an excuse to build a relationship with them.

And what do your ideal customers want? Exactly what you and I want.

More credibility.
More visibility.
More status.

I’m going to go into more detail in the next email on Sunday, but here’s a quick example:

During SXSW, we reached out to as many speakers as we could, and instead of saying “you should come to our event”, we said: “Hey, we have an interview booth with your name on it. It’s at our event. Want to be featured?”

That cold email campaign generated 100+ meetings in 3 freaking weeks, and that week generated 1M+ views for the client:

I want to show you how to do the same.

See you next Sunday.

– Moby

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