Don’t listen to LinkedIn Influencers selling you “social selling”

Cold Email Isn’t Dead.

Cold email is a business cheat code.

I know, I know I’m talking about cold email, what is this? 2009?

No, it’s not, but still, cold email delivers like a boss: 

In these examples, there’s a total of 127 responses from a client’s ideal customers.

Let’s say 17 of them are negative, that leaves 110 people who responded positively to this email campaign.

You sent all 110 meeting links or times to meet… and only 50% of them actually end up talking to you.

That is still 55 conversations with new people in your target market that would not have happened had you not sent them cold emails.

And that is the magic of cold email, being able to book meetings with strangers in your target market. Let me tell you another story, the story of SXSW.

A client was doing a big official showcase during SXSW, having paid the organization lots and lots of money. And they needed people, their ideal customers, to show up to that showcase. We sourced all the speakers during SXSW and started an email campaign. We got more than 200 responses and booked 109 meetings in two weeks.

Yeah, that is a lot.

And honestly, I was kind of surprised too. I did not expect this cold email to do so well, and this is just one of many examples which shows cold email isn’t dead.