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    #4 – Raise Your Prices

    You’re not going to like this. And that’s okay.

    You’re likely charging too little so that you can “be competitive”. That’s not okay.

    Created by someone tired of terrible sales advice.

    I got laid off in 2020, in the middle of a global economic downturn and panic, while being 8000+ miles away from the rest of my family.
    I started my agency Fireshow Media with no savings, an unclear value proposition, and 0 sales experience.
    Turns out, what I heard everyday from most people was sh*t advice:
    • Post everyday!
    • Give value!
    • Just be yourself!
    • All you gotta do is show up!

    In the next 2 years, we’ve worked with organizations such as the US State Department, ibble, AlignAI, and more.

    Sales Sunday is a collection of hard-earned, often tears-inducing lessons learned from that journey.