Your Ideal Customers are SLAMMED with messages.

Why Lead Gen is Difficult

The people that you want to sell to get hundreds of inbound every single day.

Their phone is constantly ringing with robo calls.

Their LinkedIn inbox is full of people asking for 15 minutes of their time.

Every time they check their email, they’re just overwhelmed with how many people are trying to get in touch with them in order to sell to them.

These peopleare just inundated with messages saying every day the same thing:

Buy from me.

Buy from me,

buy from me!

And that is sadly the state of lead gen today in B2B, and that’s because it’s so easy to start sending cold emails. All you need is a lead source, a email sender, and a good email address. And there you go.

That’s both the best thing and the worst thing about cold email.

The best thing is you can get started right away without much,

And the bad thing is there are 20,000 others who are targeting your customers as well.

You have to be the one to stand out.

You have to get responses like this.

You have to have cold emails that make people want to talk to you, that they’re excited to even hear from you.

And that’s all in the message.

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